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新聞稿\n\n歌星莫文慰於電視廣告中呼籲勿困狗隻入籠\n\n\n歌影視紅星莫文蔚於新一輯電視廣告中亮相,宣揚不要把狗隻困在籠裡的訊息。廣告即將於無線電視翡翠台播出。\n\n由何東爵士慈善基金贊助的電視廣告,是由一班為動物謀求福利的自願人士及南丫島動物保護組織合力製作。我們需要更多捐款來增加廣告播放率,令訊息更廣泛宣揚。\n\n這個30秒的廣告開始時,是一隻活潑快樂的小狗在遊玩場上蹦蹦跳。鏡頭拉開看見一個客廳,然後一根根柱子陸續呈現。原來是一隻可憐的小狗被困在籠裡,凝視著電視中的狗兒自由自在地玩樂。\n\n鏡頭一轉,見歌星莫文蔚神情嚴肅地告訴觀眾,不要以為只有拍打狗隻才算虐待,困狗隻入籠就是精神虐待。\n\n最後,莫文蔚以微笑告訴觀眾,讓愛狗與你一起自由快樂地生活。\n\n「香港愛犬之家」創辦人Sally Andersen表示,很多人都抱有錯誤觀念,認為買下狗隻時便買一個籠牢。他們不知道這絕對是錯誤的。狗隻困在籠裡是不會得到健康和快樂的。\n\n南丫島動物保護組織秘書逢小姐表示,廣告將於聖誕及新年前在無線電視翡翠台播出。何東爵士慈善基金捐款為九萬元,扣除廣告製作及宣傳費用後只剩餘六萬二千元。這個數目只容許講買20個廣告時段,固需要更多的金錢來增加廣告播放率。\n\n有意人士請把捐款郵寄致南丫島動物保護組織(address),信封面著名「籠裡犬廣告損款」。南丫島動物保護組織已登記成慈善基金,部分收益撥捐「香港愛犬之家」。\n\n電視廣告是由Jenifer McCombie,David及Diane Szabo製作,由Chester Ong執導,及一眾為動物謀求福利的自願人士Robert Y.C.Ho、John Wedderburn博士、Glen Bartlett及Roger Medcalf協助製作。 \n\nPRESS RELEASE\n\nSINGER KAREN MOK STARS IN TV AD AIMING TO CONVINCE PEOPLE IT IS CRUEL TO KEEP DOGS IN CAGES\n\nKaren Mok, the singer and film star, appears in a new TV commercial shortly to be broadcast on TVB Jade that aims to convince people it is cruel to keep dogs in cages.\n Financed by the Sir Robert Ho Tung Charitable Fund, the TV ad has been created by animal welfare campaigners working with Lamma Animal Welfare Centre and Hong Kong Dog Rescue. More donations are needed to increase exposure of the ad and its message.\n The 30-second ad opens with a happy dog jumping about in a playground. The camera pulls back and the scene is revealed to be showing on a TV set. The camera pulls back further and a living room is seen. The bars of a cage appear. Then a miserable caged dog. Cruelly confined he is watching the happy dog playing freely.\n The scene cuts to singer Karen Mok. Looking severe, the star says, you don\'t have to hit a dog to abuse it. To lock your dog in a cage is to inflict mental torture.\n Ms Mok says, now smiling, let your dog be free and enjoy your lives together.\n Hong Kong Dog Rescue founder Sally Andersen said there is a common misconception that once you acquire a dog the next thing you do is buy a cage. People don\'t realize that this is not the right thing to do at all, Ms Andersen said. The dog cannot possibly be happy and healthy if confined behind bars.\n Jennie Fung, secretary of Lamma Animal Welfare Centre, said the ad will appear on TVB Jade in the days before Christmas and Chinese new year. The donation made to us by the Ho Tung Fund was $90,000. After the cost of making the commercial and the press materials we have only $62,000. This will buy only about 20 slots in fringetime. We need more money to increase the exposure.\n Donations can be sent by cheque to Lamma Animal Welfare Centre at (address), marked as for the dogs-in-cages ad. LAWC is a registered charity. Donations may also be sent to Hong Kong Dog Rescue.\n The commercial was created by Jenifer McCombie and David and Diane Szabo. It was directed by Chester Ong. Animal welfare campaigners Robert Y.C.Ho, Dr John Wedderburn, Glen Bartlett and Roger Medcalf assisted.

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