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Visit our website for more info — A professional sign in front of High Caliber K-9 advertising the services it offers was in stark contrast to the dead and starving dogs found in the backyard of the dog kennel.\n\nThe business at 1516 Coitsville-Hubbard Road promotes itself as a center for dog training, grooming and boarding.\n\nIt also offers doggie day care, underground fencing, dog importing and stud service.\n\nKyle Ziegler and Joe Borosky, Animal Charity humane agents, went to the business Wednesday afternoon after a woman called and complained that she couldnt get her dog back from the man operating the place.The agents knocked but no one answered, so they got permission to look from the next-door neighbors backyard.\n\nWhat they saw moved them to call police.\n\nWe found seven dead and eight skinny, neglected dogs, Borosky said. Were filing 15 counts of animal cruelty and animal neglect against the owner.Records show the business is operated by Steve Croley. He was expected to be arraigned today in municipal court.\n\nCroley came out of his house when police arrived and was placed in the back of a cruiser to be questioned.\n\nWhen asked if Croley had any explanation for dead and starving dogs, Boroskyquoted the kennel operator as saying: Times are hard, I cant afford to feed them. I love my dogs.\n\nBorosky said Croley had four dogs of his own in the house — three German shepherds and a small mixed-breed. He said all are skinny.\n\nAnimal Charity, the humane agent said, is taking the position thatthe 15 dogs in the kennel area are not Croleys.\n\nAll live dogs found on the property — including those from inside the house — will be at Animal Charity on South Avenue for the time being, Borosky said.\n\nBorosky said anyone who had a dog at High Caliber K-9 should call Animal Charity at (330) 788-1064 to claim their animal.\n\nEven if their dog is dead, people have a right to know, he said.\n\nAfter taking the dogs, staff at Animal Charity found the animals were in worse condition than first believed. Some were aggressive against staff because of starvation, he said.\n\nFor the safety of the animal, were not going to release the dogs until were sure theyre healthy, Borosky said.\n\nZiegler said its not clear how long ago the seven dogs died. The veterinarian at Animal Charity would know more after post-mortem exams, he said.The dead dogs included Doberman pinschers, pit bulls and two German shepherds, Borosky said.\n\nBorosky said the eight remaining dogs, German shepherds, Dobermans, a mastiff and pit bull puppy, are barely alive, just skin and bones, and that four of them might not make it.\n\nThere was a little waterin the kennel area and some food that had turned to mush, Ziegler said.\n\

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